Chakras for Balancing and Awakening and Chakras for Meditation and Sound Therapy

by Jim Butler



Hi everyone,

The Chakras music is done!! Please listen before you purchase. this is a little different than what I usually do. For each collection I took one piece of music and played the same piece of music in a different key to correspond to the different chakras in your body. So even if each track sort of sounds the same, you can trust me it isn't..:+) Really took me awhile to get this organized and sounding great.

There are energy centers though out the body. Each of those energy centers will respond to a different sound vibration. So if each track is basically the same except played in a different key the body should respond to it a very natural way. I listened to a ton of different 'Chakra' cd's. All of them had different songs for each chakra, and that didn't really make sense to me. So i approached it differently.

The 'Awakening' Chakras are the same as the 'Meditative' Chakras except that I added a sequencer into the music, which made it a little more alive and responsive.

So please listen enjoy (and let me know what you think) and if you enjoy it enough and think it will help you, please purchase.

You can also purchase it for Commercial Royalty Free Music Licensing:

Just enter click on the ‘Buy Now Button and then (based on your personal or business need) the price listed below.

Personal Use Only - $10.00 - No Agreement Needed
Royalty Free - Yoga/Tai Chi/Pilates/Reiki Classes - $15.00
Royalty Free - Meditation Groups - $20.00
Royalty Free - Therapy/Therapist - $25.00
Royalty Free - Background for DVD/Website/App - 75.00
Royalty Free - Public Place - $55.00

If you need the music for something other than what’s listed here, please e-mail me at and I will be more than happy to accommodate your business and music needs.

Although it is not required, it would be nice, if possible to give me a credit however you are using the music....

Thanks, Jim


released February 28, 2013


all rights reserved



Jim Butler

Jim is the creator of the 'Deep Energy' and 'Dark Ambient' podcasts and runs his own label 'Earth Ambient Records'. He currently has over a dozen full length paid downloads/CD's available through iTunes, Amazon, E-Music, Bandcamp, etc and over 80 hours of FREE music and videos available through the podcasts, which have been downloaded over Ten Million times. New Age/Ambient/Space Music ... more

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