Deep Energy 3

by Jim Butler



I’m happy to announce that my new CD/Download ‘Deep Energy 3’ is now available.

Here is my description of it, the best I can ….I enjoy making the music, writing about it, not so much….this description will be included with the press release that will go out to the different radio stations and such …

’For this recording I wanted to be able to present music that was familiar and circular, where the beginning and end would be seamless. When you put your headphones on or stand in the middle of the room, the music will swirl around you …This music came to be, while I was working on one of my podcasts and a brief two minute passage presented itself. Seeds for what was to come….I built upon that passage, and stretched it out, let it breathe life into my studio. With that passage looped, I built around it a foundation of sound. I wanted that original passage to be consumed with the music around it. Deep Energy 3 moves through the mind’s soundstage, with quiet and dark moments, complimented by passages of dreamlike space awash with light. With deep listening, you will be able to feel in the background, almost lost amidst the swirling wash of synths, is the sound of faint heart beat, a pulse strong enough to carry the music to its logical conclusion, only to circle back and begin again.’
I started this a few months ago when I was working on the music for the Deep Energy Podcast # 5 ‘Dreams’. While I was working on the podcast the music that would become the CD presented itself, I felt like I had stumbled upon something special and unique so I sort of put the music that would be come this CD aside and continued working on the podcasts. When the podcasts were done I went back to this and just immersed myself in the sounds and feelings and emotions that it brought up, and I just let the music direct itself. It’s like nurturing a seed and watching it grow into something beautiful and expanse. When the recording process was over, I spent more time than I had before for previous CD’s in the mixing and EQ’ing trying to get a really deep, full sound and I feel like I have achieved that.


released January 19, 2010



all rights reserved



Jim Butler

Jim is the creator of the 'Deep Energy' and 'Dark Ambient' podcasts and runs his own label 'Earth Ambient Records'. He currently has over a dozen full length paid downloads/CD's available through iTunes, Amazon, E-Music, Bandcamp, etc and over 80 hours of FREE music and videos available through the podcasts, which have been downloaded over Ten Million times. New Age/Ambient/Space Music ... more

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