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Be able to stream or download EVERYTHING I create or have created that's available on Bandcamp.

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I am continually updating and remixing older podcasts in high quality and uploading them here. You will have access to all of the older podcasts also.

If you are a yoga practitioner, or use my music for a class you teach, the $20.00 subscription fee covers the royalty usage fee for a year for your classes.

Right now there is over 50 HOURS OF MUSIC available for download or streaming through Bandcamp!!

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Jim Butler
Jim is the creator of the 'Deep Energy' and 'Dark Ambient' podcasts and runs his own label 'Earth Ambient Records'. He currently has over a dozen full length paid downloads/CD's available through iTunes, Amazon, E-Music, Bandcamp, etc and over 80 hours of FREE music and videos available through the podcasts, which have been downloaded over Ten Million times. New Age/Ambient/Space Music


John Cratchley
John Cratchley thumbnail
John Cratchley I've listened to Jim Butler's 'Deep Energy' and 'Dark Ambient' podcasts for years...they have helped me through countless insomniac nights and aided me in fighting chronic depression and CFS, so to have all his music on subscrition is a wonderful gesture on Jim's part...there's all kinds of healing music here...some of it might work for you if you need it...
Chris Bardell
Chris Bardell thumbnail
Chris Bardell Beautiful, deep, immersive ambient music. Thanks, Jim!

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